Rasgulla : Sweet Puffed Balls of Joy

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Ro-sho-gulla! That extra sweet, dipped in sugar syrup, soft, Bengali dessert. Spongier the better. Lockdown is all about cravings. Trying new things & improving our culinary skills. So here is another one. A very quick recipe for an extra sweet dessert.

Always fascinated by how it is so soft & puffy, we had to try this. Its definitely worth trying and to my surprise does not require much of an effort. This was our first attempt ever trying the recipe below and it turned out so good. I’ll give a perfect 9.5/10.



  • 1 ltr Milk
  • 1-4 tsp Vinegar
  • 2 cups Sugar
  • 3 cups water
  • 2-3 Cardamom/Saffron


Milk into Paneer
  1. To make Paneer/ Ricotta cheese – Boil milk to 1 boil with cardamom/Saffron. Add vinegar/lemon till it starts to separate into water and cheese. Collect the cheese in a strainer and water it thoroughly to remove extra vinegar. Its a very easy step.

2.Soak the extra water of cheese for 10 mins in a cloth or a tissue.

Dried Paneer
3. Kneed the paneer/cheese into a dough for 5 mins.
4.Make small balls.
5. Sugar syrup- Take water and add sugar. Boil the mixture.
After a full boil add the small balls into the syrup on high flame.
Cover them and steam for 10-15 mins. Will start to grow double in size.
6. Add the hot rasgullas into ice cold water so they retain shape.

7.After 10 mins add into the sugar syrup.

8. Cool them for an hour. Ready !!!!

All set to serve!!!

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