Hellooo, you lovely people, I am Shilpi. This blog is about me and husband’s true travel stories & day to day cooking diaries. Food and Travel stimulates our minds. When we are not on the road, we love to create recipes. Currently onto our 19th State in USA. Lets connect with all you amazing people and explore our endeavors & grow together.

Welcome to the Spring festival at Branch Brook Park, New Jersey. After a hectic work week, me & M decided to go out to visit the Cherry blossom park spring festival at Branch Brook Park, New Jersey. It was a chilly week indeed, finally the Sun gods blessed us with a sunny weekend. The spring festival started on April 2, 2022 is here for a week till April 10, 2022. So if really don’t want to go all the way to Washington DC. THIS IS THE PLACE!

Did you know? : Essex County Branch brook park has more Cherry blossom trees than Tidal Basin, Washington DC. Even more, it has maximum number of Cherry Blossom Trees in the entire USA. After a two year halt due to COVID the park has returned with its 46th, annual edition. Being a NJ-ian I can’t be more than happy and excited to visit this place. Read More!


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