Most Popular Beach in New Jersey: Sea Side Heights

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We visited seaside heights during May last year. If you want to see and feel clear water, collect shells, make castles, talk to seagulls and need some place to relax and enjoy the ocean, this is the place for you.

I am not a beach person, I have always loved the mountains more than beaches. If you’l ask me to go for a hike at the middle of the night I’ll jump on the bed with bright eyes and say…let’s go. But beaches and sea, umm..I’ll go back to sleep. That’s what mountains do to me. If I liked this place, means it’s good.

Where is SeaSide heights?

Sea Side Heights (Circled in black)
Sea Side Heights (Circled in black)

What you can see here?

  • The beach & Broadwalk
  • Amusement park, pier & games

What to eat?

After looking at different places for veg options, we found a veg burger at Beach comber Bar & Grill. It’s an open roof kind restaurant with a view of the sea.

beachcomber bar and grill
Beachcomber Bar and Grill

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