DIY 2020: Creative Home Décor Ideas- Rental Friendly!


Recently, we have been decorating our home with different ideas. 2020 being 2020, we have good time to think & work upon things. And how cold it is today here in New Jersey being just September. Hello, weather you surprised us too this year.

Sipping my hot coffee today evening, curled up in a blanket I thought let me take you around my home. Some DIY’s we have been doing including paintings, sketches, adding plants…I mean lots of plants.

Let’s Paint

  • Canvas Paintings

I have developed a great skill to paint. Back in school I used to love painting. The old me has finally managed to get some time & done my painting skills. I have really enjoyed painting these & our wall looks lovely .

What all you will need:

Canvases (9″x12″), Acrylic paints set & brush set : Easily available at Walmart

YouTube link I referred: Wow Art:

Paint the wall out
  • Disposable Plate Painting

You have disposable plates? I have an idea, Paint them. 😀

I collected some of the disposable plates I had in my kitchen and painted them. Now our dinning area is smiling.

What all you will need:

Disposable plates, Acrylic paint set, Brushes, Thumb pins

Disposable plate hangings

Greenery is all I need

Love plants, how they can make it so lively. We have added alot of plants in different nook & corner of the house.

Where can you find them:

Home depot, shop write & nearest Nursery.

You can add plants to walls too using these plant holders. They can hold up good amount of water & need no drilling on the wall. They come with stick-on hooks.

Buy @:

Wall plant holder


Before going for acrylic painting I stared out with sketching. Small doodles to bigger ones. Now this has become quite a wall in our home everyone loves to see.

What all you will need:

Plane white paper, Pencil set (

Sketching Reference:

Sketch Art

Let me know your ideas, how you would decorate your house with a little creativity.


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