New Jersey Pick Your Own Harvest Calendar!

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Spring has Sprung and finally its time to say goodbye to the cold weather. I am so looking forward to warmer days, greener leaves and flowers all around.

New Jersey, popularly known as the Garden State, gives us this opportunity to pick all our favorite fruits and vegetables directly from the farm!

Apple Picking at Battle view Orchards
Apple Picking at Battle view Orchards

Every summer we like to plan our visits to near by flower festivals or pick our own fresh produce from the farms! This time is no less.

So plan your summer ahead with me. Listing month wise when you can grab your fresh produce!

(In alphabetical order)

Pick your own Harvest calendar!
Pick your own Harvest calendar!
Battleview Orchards
Battleview Orchards

Famous Farms to pick your own fresh fruits & veggies!

Here is a list of very famous farms to name a few.

Did we cover your favorite fruit/veggie at your favorite location?? Let us know.

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