Heaven on Earth: Night Light Festival

Pennsylvania, Travel

Last weekend we visited this really beautiful festival near Pocono called Night light festival.

Sometimes you don’t have words to describe how amazing some experiences are until you see them live with your own eyes. Still, I’ll try to put it in words. 😀

What was the event about?

The Poconos night light event was a festival inspired by Thai lanterns. It was about launching lanterns simultaneously into the sky to give a magical view at night. Imagine a sky filled with thousands of lanterns in the night sky. Once in a lifetime of a experience isn’t it.

Where was the festival?

It happened at Pocono raceway pit, Pennsylvania.

How was our experience ?

Well, I dint know we were going there. ‘M’ decided to give me a surprise. So I had nothing in my mind where we were going. Thought was our usual long drive.

We reached there at 5 p.m. My excitement was already at peak when I realized where we are and what I am about to see. 😀

People were arriving, it was almost sixty percent full. After entering there was an open ground/park where one could sit, eat, enjoy the evening and wait for the night sky. Up for a picnic? Why not. At the center of the ground they had this stage for band performances, fun activities and games for the audience. The host/anchor was very welcoming and kept everyone interested.

We were given one lantern per person. (Included with the ticket) Shopping was one way to pass time. They had stalls including clothes, jewelry, small fire pit (for marshmallow sticks).

For kids they had a gaming/swings section. For us adults there were games like Sack basketball. We played for sometime, clicked pictures and headed towards food.

It’s time the anchor announced, 8:30 pm. We have been a very patient audience as we waited for the green signal so patiently. The fire department also gave a yes. Th anchor demonstrated how to lit the lantern and we followed. At 8:40, thousands of people were ready to release their lanterns into the sky.

And there it goes, our lanterns. As all the lanterns escaped into the sky, it was so magical to see. We were awestruck. So happy. Amazed. Smiling. Dancing. All at once. 😀

Vegetarian eating options ?

They had a couple of vegetarian options, thank god. We enjoyed Pizza slices, curly fries, onion rings, funnel cakes. Other food options included noodles, steak, popcorn, lemonade and a juice corner.

Let’s just stay here. In this moment.
Ohh beauty!


Enjoy the beauty of the festival

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