Exchange Place: Where to see NYC best skyline view ?

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I would give the greatest sunset in the world for New York’s skyline.

It was the month of March and I had just landed to this new country. After a week of getting used to the weather, time zones, mute roads and setting up the house we decided to visit some places. Me and M were thinking about the place to go. Then M suggested, let’s go to this place called ‘Exchange Place’.

In my mind I had no idea what was it about. But there was a surprise, wait for it.

It was around 8 in the night. As we were going there by road, I could see this beautiful huge skyline unfolding in front of me. Some views are indescribable in words. You actually need to see them to realize the beauty of it. This place is among those places. It’s so mesmerizing to see all those sky scrapers twinkling in the night sky.

Exchange Place at night.

We decided to return to this place in the day light also.

New York skyline from Exchange Place.

One thing good about this place is you can sit at the harbor for hours. Sip coffee/tea and eat hot pizza slice with this gawking view to look upon. It’s so pleasing.

And in the evening too.. hah!!

Can’t get over this place.

Evening view

And now this has become one of our favorite places. 😀

Food Options

Exchange place has multiple food options near by depending upon your choice. For to-go, there are food trucks at the harbor side with easy snacks.

If you are craving Indian food, there is an Indian street at Jersey City, fifteen minutes from exchange place. Everything from Parantha (Parantha Junction), dosas (Sri Ganesh Dosa House), south indian thalis (Sapthagiri) and amazing egg dishes (Eggmania) you can go for.

For all kinds of American food, one can go to Hoboken. Hoboken has all varieties of dishes like falafel (Mamoun’s), burgers (Bare burger) and cafes.


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